The Charollais originates from Charolles and Saóne

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The Charollais originates from Charolles and Saóne-et-Loire region in the East Central region of France. A Charollais sheep is a medium to large size breed with a pinkish/grayish head that is largely free of wool.  They will excel in both lowland and hill flocks which make them versatile to today’s farmer and a dominant force to compete with. They are a polled breed with a wedge shaped well-muscled back.

A fine bone is advantageous as this makes them easily fleshed therefore yielding a high kill out percentage. Predominately it is widely regarded for being an easily lambed terminal sire. This ease of lambing means minimal stress to both ewe and the lamb, which results in a vigorous lamb keen to suck. Superb growth rates and increased muscling in lambs have been widely documented throughout the years, which has affirmed its position as the leading terminal breed sire in Ireland.

A Charollais ram is long lived and remains fertile up to and in excess of seven years while ewes are largely prolific.

The Charollais breed was first introduced to Ireland in 1990 and led to the foundation of the Irish Charollais Sheep Society. The main objective of the Irish Charollais Sheep Society is to promote and grow the market share of the breed within the island of Ireland.

Why Should You Choose To Buy A Charollais Ram?

  • Easy Lambed less intervention needed at lambing
  • Hardy lambs at birth and vigorous to suck
  • ‘Real rams’ ready to work immediately are not pushed
  • Lambs grow rapidly and are quicker to finish
  • Superb cross bred carcasses for excellent conformation with higher kill out percentages
  • Make ideal store lambs as weight heavier without excess fat cover, better grades
  • Low labour maintenance – ideal for out farming

Superior quality replacement ewes


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