Breed Characteristics

The Irish Charollais Sheep Society

General Appearance

A medium sized sheep, long, well-muscled and wedge shaped.


Pinkish – grey. The forehead is wide, eye sockets spaced far apart. Ears are long, thin and mobile and the same colour as the head.


Long with a well-muscled broad back, wide and deep chest. The line of the shoulder should retain the wedge shape.


Clean, quiet short, coloured but never very dark, and are well balanced. The front legs should not be set too wide apart and the animal must be well balanced.


Well developed, thick and deep. The breed is primarily a terminal sire and in this respect it is imperative the fleshing qualities are off the highest order.


Excessive bone is undesirable in the breed.


The staple length should not be long or the fleece open. It is dense and very fine


Adult ewes average 180% and can achieve up to 220%. Ewe lambs may be put to the ram at 7 months of age and should average 130%. Mature weight of ewes is 80 – 100kgs. Ewes are good mothers and milky as shown in the fast growth rates of the lambs.


Are fertile and hard workers. Ram lambs may be used from 7 months of age. Mature rams weigh 100 – 150kgs.


Vigorous at birth, eager to get up and suckle and are born with ease.


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