“In 2011 the Irish Charollais Sheep Society celebrated its 21st Anniversary.

The first Charollais sheep were imported by a number of key Breeders prior
to the formation of the Society in 1990 from other Breeders within the British Charollais Sheep Society and from the origin of Charollais sheep in France.

These Breeders showed great foresight, determination and vision, tirelessly travelling the country to shows and public sheep events in order to promote the breed and enhance the Societies position to benefit the Charollais breed and thus Irish Farmers.

Throughout the years our Breeders have been thoroughly grateful for the positive and generous support the Society has received in response to its promotion and presentation of the highest quality Charollais Sheep which offer the best gain and return to Farmers using terminal sires producing well muscled and lean, easily lambed sheep.

Meat Processors have acknowledged the quality of the Charollais cross lamb when presented for slaughter and offered a bonus to Farmers for their produce. Today the Societies Breeders continue to deliver the highest quality pure bred registered Charollais Sheep which remain in high demand as is evident from the 24 sales organised by the Society under its auspices annually, with over approximately 85% clearance of sheep presented at each sale.

To celebrate its 21st Anniversary the Society launched a commemorative yearbook at the All Ireland Sheep Shearing and Wool Handling Festival in Cillin Hill (Kilkenny Mart) on Sunday 5th June 2011. In addition there was an All-Ireland Qualifier held with six show classes including Senior Ram; Ewe, Hogget Ram; Ewe and Ram Lamb; Ewe lamb classes. There was also an exhibition of Charollais cross lambs.
A social event with marquee and barbeque was organised to celebrate our milestone anniversary. This celebration was extremely successful and the Irish Charollais Sheep Society would like to thank all those who took part in the occasion to make it a special day for the society and its members.